Geospatial Data Analysis of Civilian Harm in Ukraine

Web application for interactive dashboards and geospatial visualization of Civilian Harm in Ukraine.

screenshot of the website application

The main idea of this project was to present the results of my previous work - Spatial Data Analysis of Civilian Harm in Ukraine, which was made in the Jupyter notebook, to a broad audience.

Skills & Competencies

Key skills, tools which I used in current project

  • Data munging (pandas/geopandas)

  • Statistical Data Visualization (plotly)

  • Interactive maps (folium)

  • Streamlit

The web application looks suitable for this case for a few reasons:

  • the data used in this analysis is continuous, and instead of launching the Jupyter environment every time, you open an app and retrieve updated results;
  • the web app provides an additional interactive tool for data analysis;
  • easy to share the results of work with “no-data science” people,

and in general, the web-based application works on a variety of devices on the web browser.

This web app combines different tools for data analysis:

  1. Charts & Graphs.
  2. Heatmap.
  3. Choropleth Map.
  4. Data Grid.

Please visit the web app for Geospatial Data Analysis of Civilian Harm in Ukraine to see the work results or find the Github repo for the source code.

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